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January 15, 2030
  • Three new recruits; Sherri Keller, Kenji Nakamura and Damien Ortega; join the 21st ATAC.
Mid-January, 2030
  • Southern Cross forces go on high alert when unknown enemies attack Liberty Observer Group and Moon Base Luna. A TASC force sent to investigate finds no other information but Southern Cross forces remain at yellow alert.

Mid-February, 2030
  • The 21st ATAC is deployed to Indochina to defend UEG outpost bases against EBSIS-backed insurgents.

Early March, 2030
  • Southern Cross forces in China Quadrant come under fire from EBSIS-backed Chinese forces. The Southern Cross takes an unusually high number of casualties.
  • The source of the enemies accuracy is revealed when a wrecked EBSIS command vehicle is discovered to have a version of Brains' Protoculture Sensor. GMP officers place Brains under arrest on suspicion of treason.
March 13, 2029
  • The real traitor on Dundee Base is revealed to be the senior GMP intelligence officer himself. The traitor attempts to flee to the EBSIS with Brains as his prize but the attempt it thwarted by the rest of the 21st ATAC.

Early April, 2030
  • The 21st ATAC are again deployed to China Quadrant where they battle EBSIS-backed Chinese forces.
April 9, 2030
  • The Robotech Masters fleet arrives at Earth. Their first move is to disable Earth's satellite communications capability and cut the planet off from its off-world bases, most notably Space Station Liberty.
  • Having lost communications (not knowing the events happening in orbit) the 21st must make a fighting retreat out of China Quadrant into friendly territory.

May 1, 2029
  • Robotech Masters forces attack the communications and signal intelligence facility at Pine Gap in Australia. Southern Cross forces manage to drive off the attackers but suffer high casualties.
May 4, 2030
  • The general public is made aware of the threat of the Robotech Masters.
May 21, 2030
  • A joint TAF/TASC assault on a Robotech Masters mothership fails horribly with nearly the entire first wave wiped out.

June 5, 2030
  • The 21st are ambushed by Bioroids while on patrol. Copycat is badly injured in the battle.
June 11, 2030
  • A risky mission into space allows a brief message to be relayed to Space Station Liberty explaining the situation at Earth.
June 21, 2030
  • The 21st captures a Blue Soldier Bioroid and take it to nearby Fort Gibson. Due to frustration with what they perceive as a lack of intelligence being given to the soldiers on the ground (i.e. them) the team defies standing orders to hand all captured material over to the GMP immediately and start their own examination of the enemy mecha. The GMP arrive within a short time and place the whole squadron under arrest.

July 4, 2030
  • Bioroid forces attack Fort Gibson. The 21st are temporarily released from the stockade to help defend the base.
July 10, 2030
  • The 21st are released from the stockade and leave Fort Gibson to return to Dundee Base. Shortly after they have left Fort Gibson they witness the base being destroyed by a massive bombardment from an enemy assault cruiser that promptly lands amidst the smoking ruins.
Late July, 2030
  • A temporary ceasefire takes hold as the Robotech Masters appear to halt all offensive activity.
July 29, 2030
  • While on patrol the 21st ATAC spots enemy activity near the Wolfe Creek Meteor Crater.

Mid-August, 2030
  • The ceasefire ends as the Robotech Masters launch an attack that destroys Ontario Base.
  • Under pressure from the government, Supreme Commander Leonard orders a disastrous counter attack against the Robotech Masters.
  • Supreme Commander Leonard claims that the enemy are a strain of mutant Zentraedi, denying evidence from his own scientists that indicates otherwise.
August 20, 2030
  • Southern Cross forces launch a two-pronged attack against the Robotech Masters forces at Wolfe Creek and the ruins of Fort Gibson. The attack is a failure and the Southern Cross suffers high casualties.

September 10, 2030
  • The Robotech Masters begin capturing civilians to be converted into replacements for their diminishing troop numbers.
Mid-September, 2030
  • Four new members are assigned to the 21st ATAC: Pvt. Josiah Green, PFC Tomas Kessler, PFC Julia Crenshaw, and Corp. Dalton Edwards. Also joining the 21st is Lt. Tracy Myers, who has been reinstated to active Veritech pilot flight status.
  • As a result of the previous months disastrous Wolfe Creek offensive, Dundee Base commander Maj. Gen. Burke is replaced by newly minted Brig. Gen. Nathaniel Banks, a sycophantic Leonard loyalist.
September 18, 2030
  • Bioroids raid the town of Gibson, capturing dozens of civilians.

October 3, 2030
  • The Robotech Masters override Earth's communications networks and broadcast a warning demanding the planet surrender.
October 9, 2030
  • Southern Cross forces launch another disastrous attack against the Bioroid forces at Wolfe Creek.
October 29, 2030
  • A ship from the Expeditionary Force arrives at Earth but is destroyed in a battle with the Robotech Masters. The vessel's commander informs Southern Cross high command that no further REF reinforcements will be coming anytime soon.

November 6, 2030
  • The 21st ATAC and a team of Tactical Corps marines sneak aboard the Robotech Masters cruiser stationed in the ruins of Fort Gibson. The group are discovered and in the course of retreating Lt. Myers and several others are captured. As the rest of the group escapes the cruiser lifts off and docks with a Robotech Masters mothership that then proceeds to Wolfe Creek, where Bioroids have prepared a massive landing platform for it.
  • Captain Mace assaults General Banks when he refuses to allow a rescue mission to go after Lt. Myers. The Captain is placed under arrest, as are Tank Girl, Shark and Ortega, who assaulted the MPs that came to take away Captain Mace.

December 10, 2030
  • A Southern Cross offensive against the Wolfe Creek mothership is driven back with heavy losses.
Mid-December, 2030
  • To compensate for recent troop losses, the Southern Cross begins pulling troops from Indochina, the Philippines and Borneo (all areas of limited activity) to reinforce the forces in Australia.

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