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What Is This?

The Warp Zone began life in the prehistoric early days of the World-Wide Web. Hosted on Geocities (ask your parents kids), the Zone was somewhere for me to practice my rudimentary HTML skills and where I could post content from the numerous Role-Playing Game1 campaigns I was running and playing in at the time.

The site has expanded from those simple origins, adding non-game writing and artwork that I have produced over the years, but it still remains primarily a repository of the stories and art from the games of long-ago, and those I've been involved with ever since. This latest iteration (Warp Zone 2.0!) is the biggest revision in a while, adopting a modern HTML5-based aesthetic in place of the original 1990s Geocities-chic of garish animations and clashing backgrounds and font colors.

  1. If you aren't familiar with role-playing games, I direct you to the the Wikipedia entry or this archived version of a great article called Role-playing Explained

Who Am I?

My name is Byron. I am a storyteller and artist. In my secret identity I am an IT drone for the Canadian Government working with data reporting and analytics.

Email: karridian (@) yahoo.com

Twitter: @karridian

Bluesky: @karridian.bsky.social