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AustanburgCapital: Austan

The nation of Austanburg first appeared in Checkmate. Later used in Peter Cannon: Thunderbolt. It is currently ruled by Victor Cypher.


Superman and Batman both had important experiences during their formative years in this troubled central Asian country where government troops clash with ancient monasteries.


BialyaCapital: Bialya (city)

Bialya was ruled by petty dictator Rumaan Harjavarti. He tricked the extra-dimensional Champions of Angor into aiding him against the major world powers. He clashed with the Justice League International several times before being assassinated by the mysterious Queen Bee who took his place as ruler of Bialya.

Queen Bee brainwashed the Global Guardians to serve her. She was later killed by Rumaan's brother, Sumaan. He continued to use the Global Guardians until Dr. Mist broke their conditioning and they left Bialya.


BogatagoCapital: La Ciudad de Salinas

The Democratic State of Bogatago is anything but a democracy. A military dictatorship it receives extensive support from South American drug cartels who use the fertile fields to grow their drug crop.



This despotic island nation recently went to war with Atlantis but lost. The island has been annexed and is a protectorate of Atlantis now.


Feithera is the hidden city of winged people that is the home of former Infinity Inc. member Northwind.

Fortress of Solitude

Originally a large complex hidden beneath the Antarctic ice, after its destruction Superman created a new Fortress of Solitude in a tesseract. The Fortress' entrance is hidden in the Andean ice fields. Superman keeps the relics of his homeworld Krypton here as well as an advanced lab, monitoring station and several Kryptonian robots.

Gorilla City

The hidden Gorilla City is home to a race of super-intelligent gorillas. It is ruled by the benevolent King Solovar. It is also the home of the villainous Gorilla Grodd as well as Sam Simeon.


MarkoviaCaptial: Castle Markov

Markovia is a tiny Alpine nation that has suffered greatly this century. Markovia was captured by the Nazia during World War II. The Nazi's puppet regime was ousted by the Allies, but the son of the Nazi's puppet regent conquered the country decades later after killing the king. He was deposed and the king's oldest son was placed on the throne only to be killed a few years later by a vampire. The vampire was defeated by the younger prince, Barin, who was also the heroic Geo-Force. Recently Markovia suffered two disasters. First was the extensive damage wrought by the Millenium Giants, then a nuclear reactor suffered a critical meltdown. The aftermath of these disasters will take the small nation years to recover from.


ModoraCapital: Modora (city)

Modora is ruled by Bito Vladon, the Green Lantern villain Sonar. He uses his advanced sonic technology to keep his country wealthy, but rules with an iron fist. He recently attempted to take over much of Europe using his sonic technology to brainwash the former Soviet Rocket Red brigade as well as several super heroes. He was thwarted by Justice League Europe.

Note: the location of Modora corresponds to the area where the General established Pokolistan. It may be that the General used Modora as his initial base and expanded the borders further into neighboring countries.


This city in Uruguay was recently destroyed by the archvillain Vandal Savage, the ruins of Montevideo are no home to Superbia, the floating citadel of the International Ultramarine Corps, whose metahuman agents aggressively pursue world peace. Update: Superbia was recently destroyed.


Poseidonis is one of the two domed city states of Atlantis. King Orin, aka Aquaman, rules from Poseidonis.


QuracCapital: Abu Dhabi

The Gulf nation of Qurac held a strong anti-US policy and was a major sponsor of terrorism directed against the west. Qurac was the home base for the met-human terrorist group the Jihad until their base was destroyed by the Suicide Squad.

Angry over terrorist attacks against Metropolis, Superman destroyed much of Qurac's military capability. Qurac's president Marlo was eventually kidnapped by western special forces and brought to the U.S. to stand trial.

The small country suffered its greatest disaster when the terrorist Chesire detonated a stolen Russian nuclear missile over the country. She wanted to show she was willing to use the weapons she had stolen, but chose a country she knew the world powers cared little for (Deathstroke #19). Because of the radiation, aid workers have had difficulty getting help to the survivors.

Santa Prisca

The home of Batman's nemesis Bane, this Caribbean island is a major drug trafficking port and the source of the steroid drug "Venom".


Skartaris is an extra-dimensional realm that was once mistakenly believed to exist in the center of the Earth. It is home to Travis Morgan, the Warlord.


Tritonis is the second domed city of Atlantis. Unlike the denizens of Poseidonis, who appear human, the Tritonians appear as mythical mer-creatures with human upper bodies and fish tails for lower bodies.


VlatavaCapital: Vlatavograd

Vlatava was the home of the villain Count Vertigo. With the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe, Vlatava became torn with ethnic strife. Muslim forces loyal to General Hafza battled with Christian forces loyal to Count Vertigo. In the end it was the Spectre who decided the fate of Vlatava, judging the entire country evil and razing it. The only living things left in the country were Hafza and Vertigo, inheritors of a dead land (Spectre #13)


ZandiaCapital: Zandia (city)

The nation of Zandia is a small island that is considered safe harbor for criminals the world over. For centuries the island was under the control of the Church of Brother Blood. The long reign of the church was recently ended with the intervention of the New Teen Titans.

The island was recently at the center of a H.I.V.E. plot to destroy the world's heroes. Zandia's criminal rulers also managed to field a team of athletes for the Summer Olympic Games.

When Zandia first appeared in New Teen Titans (1st series) #14 it was located in the Baltic Sea, later it was said to be in the Mediterranean, most likely because the origin of Brother Blood was tied to the Crusades. Different comics since then have alternated placing the island in both the Baltic and Mediterranean Sea. I have placed it in the Mediterranean based on information found in Secret Files: Guide to the DCU 2000 (cover dated March 2000).

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The information presented in this atlas is based on the Atlas of the DC Universe supplement for Mayfair Games' DC Heroes RPG and the Secret Files: Guide to the DC Universe 2000 comic. I have tried to included up-to-date information from recent comics but I sadly can't know everything. If there are any major discrepancies please let me know via email.

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