South America - 2028

Estimated Population: ~57,000,000

Though it suffered as much as the rest of the planet from the Zentraedi onslaught, the ecosystem in South America was much faster to recover. Within a few years most of the wasteland was reclaimed by the dense jungles. Unfortunately, the dense jungles became a haven for militant Zentraedi. For years the jungles of the Amazon were home to thousands, perhaps even millions, of rogue Zentraedi. What human civilization that remained clustered around the massive military presence set up by the RDF to contain the Zentraedi threat. The Malcontent Uprisings saw the final defeat of the militant Zentraedi forces, though even today the South American jungles are still home to a few of the rogue aliens remaining on Earth. South America was also the birthplace of the Army of the Southern Cross.

Venezuela Quadrant

Estimated Population: ~12,000,000

The Venezuela Quadrant encompasses the former nations of Venezuela, Columbia, Guyana, Surinam, and French Guiana. Although decimated in the planetary assault, it recovered quickly during the Reconstruction and its coast is dotted with towns, cities, and industry while the inland areas are predominantly farmland. The former nations of Guyana, Surinam, and French Guiana have banded together into a democratic republic called Guyanas, which also includes some former Brazilian territory. The people and government of Guyanas are dedicated to the United Earth Government. Columbia is also a separate nation in this quadrant. The presence of the RDF brought many survivors back to the Columbia region, which helped spur reconstruction efforts. With the departure of the RDF, it now appears likely that Columbia will splinter into several smaller nations and baronies as local warlords are growing in power and the central government is diminishing. The remainder of the Quadrant, encompassing much of the former nation of Venezuela, has devolved into a collection of small towns and villages, with most of the population concentrated in the coastal areas and along the Orinoco River. Overall the Quadrant is a strong supporter of the United Earth Government.

Brazilia Quadrant

Estimated Population: ~6,500,000

This Quadrant is still struggling to recover from the devastation of the Zentraedi planetary assault. With the exception of the city of Federale and a handful of coastal towns, Brazilia is generally composed of peasant farmers, cattle ranchers, fishermen and laborers living in small villages or farms. Technology has nearly reverted to a pre-Industrial Age level, though communication and transportation systems have improved over the last decade or so. The Southern Cross Jungle Squad and Tactical Air Force armies maintain several small bases scattered across the Quadrant. Officially, the Quadrant is allied with the United Earth Government, but most of the population could care less.

West Brazilia

Estimated Population: ~3,500,000

Though originally considered part of the Brazilia Quadrant, West Brazilia was separated from the rest of the Quadrant by the jungles and the Zentraedi Control Zone. Eventually the area came to be recognized as its own separate region. West Brazilia is a regional name, not any specific political entity. The area is split into numerous small baronies of varying power. The most powerful of these baronies is in the south, centered around the city of La Paz.

Zone-Z (former Zentraedi Control Zone)

Estimated Population: ~9,000,000

After the defeat of Dolza's Zentraedi armada, the South American jungles became a haven for militant Zentraedi still dedicated to wiping out the "Micronians" (humanity). The RDF and other Earth military forces were stretched thin, trying to maintain order and rebuild their shattered world and were unable to muster the numbers to combat the Zentraedi threat directly. Instead Earth's military forces opted to contain the Zentraedi. Perimeter bases were erected quickly along the borders of what came to be called the Zentraedi Control Zone. With no means of incarcerating the giant aliens, authorities often deported Zentraedis who were captured elsewhere to the Control Zone. At its peak, just before the start of the Malcontent Uprisings, conservative estimates put the rogue Zentraedi population in the Zone at over half a million. By the time of the Uprisings, the global situation had stabilized and the combined might of Earth's military forces were finally able to end the Zentraedi threat. Officially there are no Zentraedi left in the area, now known as Zone-Z, but it is suspected that some may remain hidden in the dense jungles. Today the population of the Zone lives in small towns and villages at the edge of the jungle. The networks set up by hi-tech bandits and rebels that worked with the Malcontents is still intact and the Zone is still a haven for human criminals. Though nowhere near as strong as it was during the Malcontent Uprisings, there is still a military presence in the area and the Zone is patrolled regularly by the Southern Cross Jungle Squad.

Argentine Quadrant

Estimated Population: ~10,000,000

The Zentraedi planetary assault took its toll on the lower third of the continent. On the west coast the nation of Chile vanished and a mix of bandit kingdoms and fortified towns has arisen in its place. The survivors from Argentina fled to neighboring countries, encountering little resistance in Paraguay where the infrastructure had not survived the planetary bombardment. Uruguay however had been barely touched by the bombardment and the government attempted to turn away the flood of refugees at its borders. Violence erupted and the country fell into two years of chaos. Eventually one group of refugees emerged victorious in the war and created the independent nation now known as the Merchant Republic. The northeastern coastal region of the Quadrant is fairly civilized, consisting of various cities, towns, and villages who have signed a mutual defense pact. This loose political district (sometimes called The Highlands) is strongly allied with the United Earth Government, an alliance forged during the Malcontent Uprisings. The region of the Quadrant south of the former Control Zone is mainly agricultural and is the single largest food producer for South America. Because of its importance, the Upper Argentine region enjoys a strong Southern Cross military presence. Even before the Zentraedi assault, the Argentine Desert (at the southern end of the Quadrant) was a vast wasteland. The orbital bombardment only succeeded in doubling the region's size and making it even less hospitable.

Merchant Republic

Estimated Population: ~16,000,000

The arrival of hordes of Argentinean refugees into Uruguay after the Zentraedi planetary bombardment plunged the country into civil war. After two years of turmoil one man, Argentinean General Alfonso Mendoza emerged the victor. The General consolidated his power and gained a new homeland for the refugees he had led out of the ruins of Argentina. The country forged by General Mendoza and his followers, corresponding roughly to the old borders of Uruguay,  was named El Vencedor, literally "The Victor" and it swiftly became one of the most industrialized urban concentrations in the Argentine Quadrant. With the creation of the Zentraedi Control Zone, El Vencedor (with its modern industrial base) became the unofficial international Zentraedi Buffer Zone. Every sector, quadrant and nation in the world established an embassy in Montevideo and military equipment and personnel from all over came to the country to participate in major offensives against the Zentraedi. This mix of peoples, mercenaries, wealth ,technology and activity created a thriving no-man's land of villainy and virtue. The Argentine Quadrant, specifically El Vencedor, quickly became the world leader in high-tech piracy and black marketing, specializing in mecha. And at the center of it all was the charismatic General Mendoza. However, with the end of the Zentraedi conflict in 2020 prosperity turned to despair. Suddenly foreign aid disappeared, embassies closed, and the RDF withdrew from the region. With his once prosperous nation in jeopardy, General Mendoza forged an alliance with the most powerful criminal kingpins and El Vencedor was transformed into a new independent nation, the Merchant Republic. With the RDF in preparation to leave for space, and the Southern Cross still experiencing growing pains, no one could prevent the creation of this new country, despite vocal opposition from the UWG. The EBSIS instantly recognized the Merchant Republic, as the country's black market was their main source of mecha. Other smaller nations for whom the Merchant Republic was the sole source of weapons were also quick to acknowledge the new nation. Today the Merchant Republic is the weapons broker of the new world, selling arms, vehicles, manpower and technology to the planet's warring feudal states. At the head of it all is the alliance of underworld organizations, and watching over them as always is the charismatic General Mendoza.